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Popcorn Ceiling Asbestos

popcorn ceiling asbestos in progress

In mid-twentieth century homes, popcorn ceilings were a popular design element, being used in residences throughout the country as a way to have a uniquely textured ceiling.  However, many of these surfaces employed the use of asbestos, making them potentially dangerous for those with this type of design in their home.  With our asbestos popcorn ceiling tests and removal, we help identify potentially dangerous areas, marking them for treatment to protect your home from contaminants.  Our removal process is thorough from start to finish, ensuring that upon completion, your home will be free of this potentially damaging substance.

Popcorn Ceilings
For homes that contain a popcorn ceiling with asbestos there are a number of issues that can arise over time.  While undamaged, they can be a benign part of your home decor, because of their textured design they can be easily disturbed during regular cleaning or when coming into contact with other items.  Our asbestos popcorn ceiling removal and abatement seeks to secure the affected area, protecting those in your home from health hazards that include lung conditions and even cancer.  By securing against the potential for toxic dust to infiltrate your household, we make sure that your property is cleared from the possibility of contaminating your health.

Removal Process
For many of our clients, the treatment of choice when it comes to asbestos popcorn ceilings is the full removal of the contaminated area.  This not only addresses the immediate problem at hand, but prevents the need for future abatements or the potential for disturbances to introduce asbestos into the home environment.  Our removal process focuses on the safe care of your home and those performing the removal services.  In upholding our high standards of professionalism throughout the treatment we perform a thorough job from start to finish.  Not only will your asbestos popcorn ceiling be removed, but our in-depth cleaning guarantees the security of your environment.

Popcorn Ceiling Abatement
If you suspect there may be asbestos present in your popcorn ceiling, it’s important to get it tested in order to select the right treatment.  With our popcorn ceiling asbestos abatement, we help you avoid the potential for conditions that are detrimental to your health. We offer several options for treatment, including encapsulating the surface with a protective vinyl paint or protective coatings that secures loose particles and prevents them from entering the environment.  While this can help counteract damaging effects, the presence of asbestos in the home can still be hazardous, and home owners are required to inform new residents of its existence on the premises.

Asbestos Testing
When you work with our experienced team of asbestos removal contractors, you can rely on us to make decisions that are in the your best interests when it comes to keeping your home safe.  Our asbestos popcorn ceiling test services not only address the areas you suspect to have contaminants, but also includes air testing that ensures the health of your environment.  With our testing, we make sure that potentially contaminated areas aren’t disturbed in order to maintain the security of your home in areas that have undergone previous abatement.  Once problems areas are identified, we present you with treatment options that help keep your space healthy.

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