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Asbestos Tile Removal

asbestos tile removal in progress

In the construction of some older homes, asbestos tiles were used as a method for helping to diminish flammability and increase insulation.  For homes that may still have this type of tiling, Asbestos Removal Yonkers NY is here to help test materials for potentially harmful traces of asbestos.  Though undamaged tiles don’t present a risk to your home, once damaged or involved in construction, these materials become highly dangerous to those in the vicinity.  Whether the material is present in ceiling tiles, roof tiles, or a variety of other tiles throughout your property, we are equipped with the materials to ensure the safety of your location.

Asbestos Tiles
Asbestos tiles may be used in a variety of areas throughout a home, not only containing asbestos in the tiles themselves, but in the adhesive used to attach them to surfaces.  When undisturbed there are minimal levels of risk, but with even the smallest damages, traces of asbestos can be released into the environment.  As one of New York’s best asbestos abatement companies we test and treat these installations, working to create the safest conditions for your home or workplace.  Using our proven methods of testing, we inspect for damages that can release contaminated dust, and provide pre-construction testing to assess site safety prior to removal.

Asbestos Ceiling Tiles
In older homes that have used asbestos ceiling tiles in their construction, it’s important to check the conditions in order to ensure your health and safety.  With our asbestos ceiling tile inspections, we assess your tiles in order to ensure that they’re not contaminating your home and jeopardizing your health.  When undisturbed or properly treated, these tiles can be safe for use within your property, however, even small damages have the potential to release harmful contaminants into the air.  During our home asbestos tests, we examine the tiles for potential issues, offering our clients options for asbestos ceiling tile removal or asbestos remediation.

Asbestos Roof Tiles
If think you may have asbestos roof tiles, it’s important for homeowners to make sure that they’re properly inspected by professionals.  Our experts are here to provide the inspections you need, preparing your roof tiles for removal where necessary.  When damaged, asbestos roof tiles not only contaminate your home, but have the potential to impact your neighbors and the surrounding areas with hazardous asbestos dust.  During our removals we safely clear away and dispose of the hazardous materials, efficiently returning your home to a safe condition.  Not only does this improve the conditions in your home, but saves you the need for removals and abatements in the future.

Vinyl Asbestos Tile
For homes with existing vinyl asbestos tiles in their construction, this type of material can be safe for use when undamaged, or not in the process of construction or renovations.  However, once tampered with, displaced tiles have the potential to release asbestos dust and contaminate your surroundings.  With our vinyl asbestos tile removal we make sure that damaged tiles are properly cared for and removed in order to ensure the safety of your residence both immediately and in the future.  Following our treatment the area is carefully cleaned with professional equipment to remove all traces of the substance, allowing for a healthier home.

Yonkers Asbestos Removal